Mnouchkine’s “Moliere” for French Television
November 19, 2013

In the 1960s the French stage director Ariane Mnouchkine and her company, Theatre du Soleil, “squatted” in an abandoned shell factory built in Vincennes, on the outskirts of Paris, by Napoleon. Among the astonishing new works they developed was the life of Moliere, later made into a five hour series for French TV. I was …continue reading »

“I have achieved nobility, Wife! My dynasty has begun!”
November 5, 2013

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (The Middle Class Nobleman) was first performed as a five hour comedie-ballet, with book by Moliere, music by Lully, and choreography by Beauchamps, at the enormous chateau of Chambord in 1670. The piece was instigated by Louis XIV as a biting response to an insult from the Turkish Sultan Aga who had …continue reading »