Feedback from fans.

  • “So if you were driving through Ashland and at the Shakespeare Festival they were doing ‘As You Like It’, would you go?” – “Now that we’ve seen yours? Absolutely. I think we’d get it.”
  • “I saw ‘As You Like It’ at the Royal Shakespeare This one is so much clearer!”
  • “My kids don’t like to drive all the way in, except for Parson’s Nose.”
  • “My kids saw Lion King and didn’t like it. They loved your “Mi$er”.
  • “Thank you so much for coming to Villa Park Retirement. We love you guys.”
  • “I didn’t realize Chekov could be funny.”
  • “We saw their ‘Servant of Two Masters’. We liked yours better.”
  • “We love the informality, the pre-show talk, the intimacy, the cookies. It’s different. The company is wonderful.”

We thank you for joining us this season. Together we explored works by Goldsmith, Boucicault, Hans Andersen, Dickens, Shaw, Moliere and Shakespeare with a medieval morality play thrown in. Our minds were opened to other times, so different from and yet so like our own. That is the magic of the classics.

Please let us know how to get in touch with you. We’re sorting through ideas for our 14th season and should be announcing it soon. If you have any suggestions, any ideas to make the “Parson’s Nose Experience” more enjoyable, please do send them to

And if you’re interested in reading our texts, with study guides, please click here.