Death. The inevitability no one wants to meet, but in the backs of our minds is always there. When and where, no one knows. But we get an occasional glimpse at “the other side”. Dickens, in his Christmas Carol, gives us yet another warning – if the major religions haven’t sunk in – that it’s not so much a matter of what happens after, but what happens now. As the anonymous author of Everyman tells us from the 15th Century, we have no control over the hereafter, but we can know what it is to be fully present here, and that has much to do with love of all mankind, friendship, respect, helping others, enjoying the bonbons we’re lucky enough to receive, and saying thank you as anything else. Marley seems beyond saving, but perhaps his visit to Scrooge will allow him “to get his wings” as Frank Capra would have it. By turning one life in the right direction he might make so many other lives happier, and that ripple will spread as wide as moonlight on a snowy London town. It falls on everyone. Take a moment every day to touch someone, praise someone, encourage someone. It takes nothing, like Fezziwig’s party, yet it means everything. Note to self: don’t just say it; do it.