It’s no secret that in times of economic change,”the Arts” are the first trees that get pruned. We’ve seen a decline in government spending on the arts over recent years. While the NEA still exists (for now!) the funding it provides is a fraction of what the Arts need to survive. And that’s where you, hopefully, come in!

Patrons of Parson’s Nose Theater are educated, intelligent, and understand the importance and value of keeping theater alive. Theater is a live experience, not on a screen. Theater educates…it entertains…it helps you escape from the stresses of daily life…it challenges you to think differently. Imagine a world without theater and the works of these brilliant writers who have so much to teach us. What a sad world that would be.

Thanks to people like you, that is not our world. You attend theater, you share theater with your family and friends, and you support theater. At Parson’s Nose, we believe that no one should ever be turned away because they couldn’t afford a ticket – by supporting us, you believe that as well and allow us to continue our mission. There are many ways to donate to Parson’s Nose and we can tell you – every dollar helps! To donate to Parson’s Nose, click on the link below to learn more about the opportunity that sounds like the best fit to you. And from everyone at Parson’s Nose – THANK YOU for keeping the arts and theater alive!