Goodshop for Parson’s Nose – Donate while shopping online!

“Silent Night” by Viggo Johansen

An excellent way for “not for profits” to benefit from the holiday season is provided by GoodSHOP. A small percentage of your online purchases goes to the nonprofit of your choice. You only register once, pick your charity, then click on the store website and continue. All GoodSHOP asks for is your name, zip, email and to create a password. No credit card or payment info is necessary.

So here’s how it goes:
1. Click on
2. (New page) In tab above click on GoodSHOP
3. (New page) In upper right hand corner click on ‘Register’ and fill out. Check box at bottom for T&C.
4. (New page) Will ask what charity. Type in ‘Parsons Nose’ (no apostrophe)
5. (New Page) will tell you your purchases will be credited to Parsons Nose
6. Then just click on the store you wish and shop away as you normally would!

You will be helping a small but important theater provide classics to family audiences. We thank you so much!