Feeling blue with melancholy, or red with rage?

Both Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow got you down?

Your kid didn’t make the cheer squad?

Or did make the cheer squad? And is a “flyer”?

Your office just switched to cubicles and lanyards?

Well keep your chin up high! You still have time to get a Parson’s Nose subscription! Yes, you can actually plan your happiness at least five times. The rest are up to you. We have five – count ’em five – guaranteed chances for you to be happy this year. A glass of wine, a smart, social evening, a wonderfully funny play.  And Pat Bell’s homemade cookies, including “oatmeal orange” – the official cookie of Parson’s Nose.

A subscription helps you with lower ticket prices, planning a party, scheduling your dinner or brunch at a favorite nearby Old Pasadena bistro. It helps us to plan our income and marketing needs, especially important for a not-for- profit business. So please consider making a commitment to our work and your own mental happiness.

Subscriptions available until November 19.

Yes, you can EXCHANGE subscription nights, depending on availability.

Yes, your Mark Twain single ticket purchase can be put toward a subscription.

https://parsonsnose.tix.com/ or call 626-403-7667 and leave your contact information!