Little Sophie’s Misfortunes
Saturday. April 12 at 7 PM
Sunday, April 13 at 3 PM
Lineage Performing Arts, 89 S. Fair Oaks, 91105
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The Comtesse

She was the daughter of a Russian military man. Reportedly, he gave the order to burn Moscow to leave nothing for the approaching Napoleon. Her family fled to a town North of Paris, she married the poor but “noble” Comte de Segur, and lived in the Chateau Nouette, half way between Paris and Beauvais.

All accounts say they had an unhappy marriage, with the Count preferring to live in Paris. They somehow managed to have eight children, however, which makes me think his trips to Paris might have only become more frequent as the years went on and the clamor increased around the estate.

It wasn’t until 1858 that the grandmother Comtesse hit her stride as a writer, creating the first of twenty books that were published over her lifetime.

Today at Parson’s Nose we investigate “Little Sophie’s Misfortunes”, cautionary tales, supposedly for children. But I found them about a year ago, and I must say I was immediately attracted to their slightly perverse “Edward Gorey” feel. Little Sophie is a headstrong little girl who has “self control” issues, refusing to make the obedient choice, and suffering disastrous consequences. Whether the good Comtesse mined experiences from her own childhood or from her eight children doesn’t matter. They are universal, classic, and worthy of being placed next to The Baltimore Catechism and Roald Dahl. I love to think of the Comtesse sitting quietly in her writing room, hearing the distant screams of children and nannies from another wing, and quilling the next adventure of her heroine.
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