Well first of all, click here for Hoyt Hilsman’s PNT promo in Pasadena Now! Thank you, Hoyt, for banging the PNT drum, and letting folks know about our new “Radio Theater” pivot. “Alexa! Play Parson’s Nose Radio Theater!”

Now then….

We’re on…Mars!

Did you see that landing yesterday! I was tearing up. 293 million miles! Like landing a bullet on a frisbee on the other side of LA – and now the fun for these wizards is just beginning. I grew up when “Tom Corbett and the Space Cadets” was on black and white TV. The shows were awful, but they were wonderful. Going to Outer Space! Fun and fantasy…and now it’s real.

The Miracle Workers

Add to that a worldwide medical community that can identify and analyze a ferociously deadly disease while simultaneously treating its victims, finding a prevention and getting it into 300 million people in one country alone in record time?

I think Joe’s right. We can do anything if we choose to. The problems of homelessness, poverty, bullying, discrimination, even climate change, pale in comparison. If we just choose to realign our priorities.

At the beginning of this new year PNT’s focused on inspiring America through our great works. In the spirit of Amanda Gorman we recorded “Ten Poems for America” that celebrate and challenge its promise. Our “Cliff Edwards: When You Wish” and “The Musical Wit and Wisdom of Tom Lehrer” recall hidden pockets of our musical heritage.

Devil and Daniel Webster

And our latest podcast, “Devil and Daniel Webster” is a classic “tall tale” by Stephen Benet in the great American tradition of Washington Irving and others. America’s greatest jurist takes on the Devil himself and his jury of traitorous villains – American villains. The drama ends with Webster’s pledge to “go to the pit of hell itself to save The Union!”, a sentiment often remembered in a Civil War that followed his death.

Let us all get back to that sentiment. If we look, we see that all our seemingly homogeneous Western European ancestors came from diverse tribal roots. The French, the Germans, the British, the Spanish all came from Franks, Jutes, Saxons, Moors, Goths, Catholics, Huguenots, etc., and I would guess it’s the same for other cultures. America is simply the most evolved continuation, and, hopefully, celebration of that mix.

One of our poems, “An American in Europe” captures the joy that only an “expat” can feel upon returning home. There will always be a special place in my heart for my Irish heritage, but first and foremost, I’m an American. There’s no running away. Her problems are my problems.

And why would I leave? Just look at what we can do when we push off ftom the bickering on the dock, grab an oar and start pulling together. The journey and the ports of call will be amazing.