Don’t let the laughter fool you…
July 24, 2021

The Healing Power of the Classics There’s a lot of “political correctness” buzz in the arts community these days. The dramatic events of the past year have thrown spotlights on a number of shadowed areas. Throw out the old. Bring in the new. Everything new is old again. What constitutes “diversity, equity and inclusion”? Who …continue reading »

Lance’s Blog: We’re on Mars!
February 19, 2021

Well first of all, click here for Hoyt Hilsman’s PNT promo in Pasadena Now! Thank you, Hoyt, for banging the PNT drum, and letting folks know about our new “Radio Theater” pivot. “Alexa! Play Parson’s Nose Radio Theater!” Now then…. We’re on…Mars! Did you see that landing yesterday! I was tearing up. 293 million miles! …continue reading »

Lance’s Blog: Patriot Poetry
January 24, 2021

AMERICAN POEMS TO STIR OUR HEARTS Thanks, Amanda! Serendipity. The day after we launched our latest radio theater podcast “Ten Poems for America”, Amanda Gorman lit up the Inauguration podium with “The Hill We Climb”. Poetry literally took center stage once again. Poetry is our most intense literary expression of feeling and thought, through style …continue reading »

Hans Christian Andersen: The Amazing Ugly Duckling
December 9, 2020

Hans Christian Andersen was born in a small village, Odense, a hundred miles north of Denmark’s bustling capital, Copenhagen. His father was a poor cobbler who became mentally ill, as did his grandfather. His mother scrubbed the clothes of the rich in the cold river Odense, with legs wrapped in straw and the flask of …continue reading »

Edgar Allan Poe!
November 16, 2020

AND “THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO” Born in 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts, to stage actors, David and Eliza Poe. He was named after “Edgar”, the good son of Shakespeare’s mad “King Lear”. His father left the family when Edgar was one. His mother, desperately poor, died of tuberculosis shortly after, while on a theater tour in …continue reading »

Address Unknown: A Warning to America 1938
September 27, 2020

At Parson’s Nose we make classics more accessible. With that in mind, let us offer some background to Address Unknown by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor. On June 28, 1919, the Allied Powers signed The Treaty of Versailles, ending World War I, in Louis XIV’s Hall of Mirrors. In May of that year, Woodrow Wilson had been …continue reading »

Education through Entertainment
August 3, 2020

We should never outgrow the fun of learning. PNT Party Stopping Fact: The word “audience” comes from the Latin “audio/audire”- “to hear”. Plays were often said to be “heard” rather than “seen”. Our new season of Radio Theater will hopefully provide a whole new way of engaging your ears as well as your imagination. Now …continue reading »

“Where the hell is Parson’s Nose, Martha?”
May 31, 2020

We’re here! Yes, we had to cancel everything. It was awful. The theater’s empty, but waiting for us all. And we’ve been busy! The company’s sheltered in place, but safe and sound. Barry’s writing a book. John Lee’s recording one. Marisa’s singing and wrangling the twins. Harnagel’s recovering from liposuction. Pat’s baking for 2022. Calvert …continue reading »