The Classics are fun? Whaaat?
August 3, 2020

Education through Entertainment At PNT, we never outgrow the fun of learning. PNT Fun Fact: The word “audience” comes from the Latin “audio/audire”- “to hear”. Plays were often said to be “heard” rather than “seen”. Our new season of Radio Theater will hopefully provide a whole new way of engaging your ears and your imagination. …continue reading »

“Where the hell is Parson’s Nose, Martha?”
May 31, 2020

We’re here! Yes, we had to cancel everything. It was awful. The theater’s empty, but waiting for us all. And we’ve been busy! The company’s sheltered in place, but safe and sound. Barry’s writing a book. John Lee’s recording one. Marisa’s singing and wrangling the twins. Harnagel’s recovering from liposuction. Pat’s baking for 2022. Calvert …continue reading »

Lincoln’s Last Laugh, Alas…
November 2, 2019

April 14, 1865. Lee had surrendered just two days before. Washington was one big party, with dancing in the streets. The President felt he could finally take an evening to see this wonderful British comedy, on tour with Laura Keene’s New York company, playing at Ford’s Theater. The events surrounding that night are tragic, but …continue reading »

Season 2019-2020!
July 19, 2019

Full out for Comedy 2019-2020 By Gad, this is going to be fun! We’re going full out for comedy this season. We’ll all need a bit of intelligent entertainment and even escape! “Cherchez la femme!” is the theme. Perhaps we at PNT are celebrating the upcoming Centennial Year of Women’s Suffrage a little early, but …continue reading »

Another side of Venice
April 13, 2019

AT PNT we just saw Venezia through Carlo Goldoni’s 18th Century eyes in his relentless comedy “The Servant of Two Masters”. Now we’ll look at it through Shakespeare’s eyes more than 150 years before. We can say “Merchant” is also, by definition, a “comedy” because the hero turns out well in the end. But such …continue reading »

“Are all you Venetians blind?!”
January 22, 2019

A Few Thoughts About “Improvisation” In the early 1960s when ‘improvisation’ was all the rage, Sir Tyrone Guthrie was asked what he thought of it. The grand genius of classical staging remarked, “Well it’s all very fun, but I don’t see what need actors have of it. Their lines are written for them.” This seemingly …continue reading »

Charles Dickens: Entrepreneur
December 12, 2018

Mr. Dickens: Artist and Business Man So the story goes that Charles Dickens, the young author of Sketches by Boz, was interviewed by Chapman and Hall to write the cover plates for a series of illustrations of a whimsical men’s club by Robert Seymour, a leading London artist, who looked to make a personal killing …continue reading »