Boy oh boy – and girl oh girl – Have we got a season of live theater for you! As well as…wait for it…a new Subscription Program! Now you can plan five social outings with family and friends over the coming year. The Parson’s Nose Company of your favorite Los Angeles actors is ready to go! As I was telling my friend Leonard…

“Well what have we got this year, Lance?”
Well, Len, I’m glad you asked. We have works by our Greatest American Humorist, Mark Twain; by the Greatest Italian Playwright, Carlo Goldoni; and by the Greatest English Playwright, William Shakespeare. We also have our Readers’ Theater Series with the Greatest English Novelist, Charles Dickens. We have our annual party for Irish poets, humor and songs. And we have a fabulous new addition – “The Women’s Project”, produced by Mary Chalon. While we’re rehearsing in September we’ll test the lights with our annual entry into the fabulous free “Art Night Pasadena” on October 12. Due to demand we’re again performing our “Salute to Old Time Radio: Flash Gordon: Episode 1, The Romance of Helen Trent and The Origin of the Lone Ranger!” It won’t be over-rehearsed, we promise.

Then we’ll kick off our Official 2018-19 Season October 20 with “Mark Twain and Friends: A River Journey” by our very own Los Angeles playwright Greg White. (Greg was in our “Our American Cousin” company). Gary Lamb will lead us down the Mississippi for that one.

In December we shift into holiday mode and our annual reading of “A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story”, enjoying the rich images of Mr. Dickens prose– onions on shelves winking at the girls in the grocery shop.

Then on to bustling Venezia and Maestro Carlo Goldoni’s full out, comic farce, “The Servant of Two Masters”. We performed this gem back in 2004. I’ve finally got my breath back so let’s do it again!

In February and May our illustrious PNT Co-Founder, Actress, Director, Producer Mary Chalon, is fulfilling a personal mission to establish “The Women’s Project”, a series of play readings featuring women playwrights.

In March we have our Irish party, proving once again that if the Irish ever took the time they could rule the world.

Our final presentation? PNT returns to La Serenissima and Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, featuring our own Barry Gordon as Shylock, for a PNT look at this most controversial work of The Bard of Avon.

“A full season, Lance! What more could you possibly offer?”
Well, Leonard, we do have other surprises, but you’d best get a subscription and sign up for our emails to be in the loop. You can take the “5 Play” that includes 3 Major Plays and 2 Readings, or the “3 Play” that just has the Major Plays.

“Why, the wife and I could time our subscriptions with friends, dine in the neighborhood, and make it a party?”
That’s right, Len. Treat yourselves to five social outings with real people not screens!
Enjoy “la dolce vita” of Rose City. We’d love to have you. – Lance Davis

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