“Hey, Ma! They’re on the radio!”

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Welcome to Art Night! And the new Parson’s Nose Radio Theater! Now a podcast series!

Thank you to Rochelle, Jayme, the Pasadena Cultural Affairs Board and the City of Pasadena for your support of the arts in Pasadena!

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When you have lemons…

Well isn’t this special! Nature is giving us a serious “time out”. Parson’s Nose sends best wishes to all in these stressful times. Being familiar with classic works going back centuries, we know that throughout history, after each disaster humanity rallies to a new appreciation of Life. The classics are stories about families, and how they survive. If we stay together, we can overcome any adversity.

Parson’s Nose has survived in the form of an exciting new “Radio Theater” format that will be our flagship performance venue for some time.

Now you can listen to fun, PNT adaptations anytime, anywhere!

(And so can your cousin in New York!)

Our Readers’ Theater format has served us well in our new pivot to radio podcasts. Readers’ Theater originated in the 1920s with radio drama, and was revived as a live performance format after World War II. “Theater of the Mind” – actor, script, audience and imagination – “story telling” in its purest form (and very popular in educational circles!)

We hope you’ll enjoy (and support) our new adventure.

It allows us to reach to all of Pasadena and beyond, anywhere, anytime. So far we’ve recorded eight of our scheduled twenty-two radio theater podcasts. a smorgasbord of classics, from the educational “A Taste of Shakespeare: Part One” to short, pertinent pieces by Galsworthy and Twain, to fairy tales by Hans Andersen, to the remarkably relevant 1938 chiller “Address Unknown” by American writer Kathrine Kressmann Taylor (available for a short time only). We have more coming up, including works by Moliere, Dickens, Frederick Douglass and Charles Perrault.

Puppet Globe Theater
PNT RADIO: “A Taste of Shakespeare” – Pyramus and Thisbe

We’re recording remotely, with your favorite company members – primarily from the Pasadena area – happily broadcasting from their home bunkers. Even James, in Japan! We don’t know when we’ll see you “live” again, but please enjoy our efforts.

Subscribe to “Parson’s Nose Radio Theater” in iTunes, Spotify, wherever you get your podcasts; “like” us on Facebook; and please make a tax deductible donation if you can. The arts are struggling. We need all the help we can get. And thank you for staying with us!

Lance Davis, Co-Founder, with Mary Chalon, of Parson’s Nose Theater, now in our Twentieth Season!