About our adaptations

Parson’s Nose performs professional, 90 minute adaptations by Lance Davis of classics that present the language, characters, plot and spirit of the world’s greatest writers in an intimate, accessible way. These are our stories, and we should know them. The stresses and solutions of 17th Century families are just as relevant today, and if you think you won’t understand Shakespeare or laugh at Moliere, we’ll prove you wrong!

All our events present the classics in our own simple, yet sophisticated, PNT comic style, focusing on storytelling and brilliant acting. Our Major Productions add enough set pieces and costumes to bring you along on the ride. Our Readers’ Theater presentations, bringing back a bare-bones, popular form of theater from the 1930s and 1940s, have the power of old-time radio productions, relying on actors, scripts, and your imaginations.

To date we have introduced over 60 adaptations of classic works to over 70,000 Angelenos.