Each season at Parson’s Nose Theater has included a mixture of Major Productions and Readers’ Theater events. And now we’re adding our online theater podcasts! We always want people to know which type of event they’re coming to see and are sure to check that information in all of our marketing materials for the shows. So what’s the difference?

“Our American Cousin”

Major Productions

Any show listed as a Major Production will be performed and produced as a professional production, with full rehearsals, costumes, sets, lights, etc. But it will be a “Parson’s Nose Experience” – under 90 minutes, including a brief introduction to the piece, and told with our unique PNT simplicity, always enhancing the intimate storytelling relationship.

PNT Radio Drama

Readers’ Theater Series and Radio Nights

The word “audience” comes from the Latin “audio – audere” which means “to listen.” Reviving a style of theater popular after World War 2, both these types of events are “performed readings”. Our professional company will have rehearsed beforehand, but will be “on script”. Costumes are omitted though we may suggest a certain era or theme. We might incorporate sound cues though they may not be done in the traditional way…such as rattling chains in a metal bucket during Marley’s entrance in A Christmas Carol. It may be a performed reading of a play, or a collection of works such as previous Halloween-themed readings – “Bump” – or Irish poetry and song. Our Radio Nights take another look at scripts from the Golden Age of Radio – “The Origin of The Lone Ranger”, “The Romance of Helen Trent” or “The Adventures of Flash Gordon: Episode 1!” We love these pared-down readings because the story takes place even more-so in the imagination of the listen.

PNT Radio Theater of the Air.

When all you have is lemons, make lemonade! PNT is taking advantage of our radio theater expertise to present our own Radio Theater adaptations of some of our favorite works. We hope you’ll find our podcasts on Spotify, Apple, Google, or our own Radio Theater Web Page. As the season goes on we’ll be adding works, guides and discussions to enhance your enjoyment of the world’s classics.

We hope you’ll join us for all of the different types of events and enjoy the different offerings we have here at Parson’s Nose Theater. If you’re ever unsure if a specific production is a Major Production or a Readers’ Theater Series, just drop us an email at lance@parsonsnose.com and we’ll be happy to fill you in! See you at the theater!