“ANNCR: Once again, we bring you “The Romance of Helen Trent”, who sets out to prove for herself what so many women long to prove – that because a woman is 35 or more, romance in life need not be over – that romance can live in life at 35 and after.”

In keeping with our mission to introduce classic works – mostly comedy – in an intimate, understandable, cabaret style, we take great pleasure in presenting classic works of Old Time Radio. Radio was a medium that relied on “the word” and the imagination, on the ability to listen and let the mind take flight. And that’s what theater does. We can’t show you a better Planet Mongo than the one you can imagine. So throughout the year, while we’re rehearsing shows or between shows, we’ll delve into our bag of “Readers’ Theater” projects that can be mounted quickly, informally, yet well, and allow our accomplished professional company to dazzle you with their talents. No set or costumes, just great entertainment. Please join us in our first outing in our new space – The Parson’s Nose Abbey Theater in Pasadena.