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A Taste of Shakespeare/ Mark Twain Advice to Young Ladies/ The Declaration of Independence/ Wind in the Willows/ Everyman/ Noah’s Ark


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A Taste of Shakespeare!

PNT’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, Geffen Playhouse

“What’s so special about Shakespeare?”Let’s take a look…

Episode 1 – To be or not to be; Romeo and Juliet (30 min.)

Episode 2 – The quality of mercy; Pyramus and Thisbe (30 min.)

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Mark Twain’s Advice to Young Ladies

Mark Twain Statue
Mark Twain, Monrovia, CA

Episode 1 – Advice to young ladies. (4 minutes) Performer Lance Davis. Sound Design Dave Bennett

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The Declaration of Independence

Committee of Five submits declaration

Our response to oppression. The match that touched the fuse that ignited the world. (22 minutes) Lance Davis. Sound design by Dave Bennett

Episode 1 – A brief timeline and then a reading of this amazing document. (22 minutes) Lance Davis. Sound design by Dave Bennett.

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The Wind in the Willows

“A splendid home you have here, Moley!”

Set along the River Thames in 1907, the story of Mr. Mole, who pops above ground one spring day for “an adventure”, and finds a new pal, Ratty, who is more than happy to introduce him to his riverbank friends. Lance Davis and Mary Chalon. Adapted by Lance Davis. Sound design by Dave Bennett. Illustration by Paul Bransom

Episode: Begin: About Wind in the Willows (3 minutes)

Episode 1 Moley Meets the Riverbankers (15 minutes)

Episode 2 Introducing Mr. Toad (23 minutes)

Episode 3 Moley Lost in the Wild Wood! (9 minutes)

Episode 4 Mr. Badger’s Bungalow (11 minutes)

Episode 5 Home At Last (9 minutes)

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The Summoning of Everyman

(40 min.)

Sainte Chapelle, Paris

Episode 1 The Summoning of Every Man (40 minutes) Lance Davis. Adapted by Lance Davis. Original score by Tom Peters.

In the Middle Ages, life for many was spare and fleeting. Cautionary Christian lessons of salvation and stories of the glories of eternal life were taught to the illiterate – but not unintelligent – populace not only in sermons, but also in the comforting symbolism of ritual, stained glass, and Morality and Mystery plays. A joyous and mysterious play, originally Flemish, adapted from the York Cycle by Lance Davis.

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The Tale of Noah’s Ark (20 min.)

Episode 1 – Noah’s Ark

The inspiring tale of the beleaguered servant, ridiculed for his faithfulness to God, but rewarded for his belief. Lance Davis’ comic, radio telling of NOAH’S ARK  (ages 6+) (20 minutes)

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