What the Critics Say

“The Parson’s Nose Productions Theater Company has a unique, and admirable, vision. Founded 15 years ago to bring live theater in palatable bits to those who have never been exposed to the Classics, it has performed its condensed, minimalist versions of everything from Shakespeare to Folk Tales in many different venues, always with the purpose of sparking interest in the theatrical medium, NOT only for potential performers, but for the growth and nurture of an audience.” -The Stage Struck Review

“Midsummer Night’s Dream…a dash of fairy dust for families!” -Los Angeles Times

“Rip Van Winkle…draws kids into the mix in a big way!” -Los Angeles Times

“Comedy of Errors…mistaken identity and a million laughs” -Los Angeles Times

“A new generation of theater aficionados is being lovingly cultivated.” -NoHo Magazine

What the Patrons Say!

See what patrons of Parson’s Nose are saying about our productions!

“I adore everything about Parson’s Nose!”

“Keep doing what you are doing…it works!”

“To be able to drift outside our daily routines and spend time at Parson’s Nose is an important getaway.”

“I enjoy the rawness, and personal relationship one achieves with the intimate setting. The length of the reader series is perfect. A prefect introduction to the classics which I would not have been exposed to.”

“I am always delighted with my Parson’s Nose experiences.”

“You really opened my eyes to the beauty of classic theater.” Marie, Temple City High

“We’re huge fans. One of the few activities our 13 year old, 9 year old and 6 year old can enjoy together.”
-Dana Vazquez, Professor of English, Rio Hondo College

“Strengths: Everything! Weaknesses: None! Please come back.” -Adriana, 7th Grade

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