Full out for Comedy 2019-2020

By Gad, this is going to be fun! We’re going full out for comedy this season. We’ll all need a bit of intelligent entertainment and even escape!

“Cherchez la femme!” is the theme. Perhaps we at PNT are celebrating the upcoming Centennial Year of Women’s Suffrage a little early, but what the hey. In each of our major productions this year it’s the woman who saves the day.

In Tom Taylor’s seldom seen comedy “Our American Cousin” – yes, the one Lincoln was watching – Florence Trenchard, originally played by 19th Century actor/manager Laura Keene, pulls the strings behind the scenes to bring the brash American Asa and the dairy maid Mary together to save her fortune. Look for a lot of melodramatic scene-chewing here. And if we have time, a musical olio or two. It’s actually difficult not to let the actors sing.

In Moliere’s scathing “Imaginary Invalid” it’s the loyal maid, Toinette, who dons Doctor’s robes to save the household. Moliere takes his scalpel to quack medicine that literally bleeds its victims dry.

And in our fairy tale “Imogen”, condensed from Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline”, it’s Imogen, the king’s daughter, who dresses as a boy and sets off into the wilds of Wales to find her beau and save the kingdom. (When we did the show years ago we were somewhat apprehensive because there’s a beheading. After the audience’s raucous reaction, PNT actor Alan Brooks announced backstage, “That’s it. We should have a beheading in every show!”)

To say nothing of what women will play a part in Mary Chalon’s choices for this year’s Women’s Project, and Hoyt Hilsman’s selections for our inaugural New Play Readers’ Theater Series.

And of course we’ll have free Pasadena Art Night “Radio Dramas” with some newly found vintage commercials, “Four out of five doctors recommend Camels!”, and Christmas Carol Readings and An Irish Celebration and a few more surprises we’ll be announcing as we go. There’s even some chatter about a Movie Night Series.

There’s so much to enjoy – so many great works worth our time and attention. At Parson’s Nose we invite you to join our party, have a glass of wine and a home-made Pat Bell Cookie, and see smart, funny, 90 minute classics, presented by a professional company in an intimate, new way. Do join us! www.parsonsnose.org or call 626-403-7667