Shakespeare’s Mom was an Arden. They owned a lot of land around Stratford and young Will probably played in the Arden woods. Anyone who’s been camping knows the thrill of the woods at night, when midsummer fairies might well rule, and heard the murmur of whispering trees on a sun dappled day. What a treat it must have been to get away from London’s hurlyburly, full of the intrigue of rumor and business and politics, and sit and sip a pint in the shade of an English oak and think up a play.

How can we today possibly relate to this comedy, written over 400 years ago? How can we find any meaning in a story about bullying, aggression, forgiveness and love? Urban “civilization” banished to fend for itself in Nature, and finding not only healing but salvation in the liberty of its environment. Anyone who’s been to the ocean sees immediately how humbling and precious it is. And anyone who see what we’re doing to it sees how urgently we need to seek change. We each have a Forest of Arden to protect, a place of sanctuary and renewal, where true love can be nourished and protected and brought to fulfillment.

Our most brilliant writer does it again, with humor, poetry, pathos and panache. Come join us.
Saturday, April 20 at 7 PM
Sunday, April 21 at 2 PM
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Ages 12+ Seniors more than welcome
Running time: Appx. 2 hrs with intermission