“Your Children are the Most precious things you have! I know!” – the Piper

Ukraine. Murietta. Baghdad… Hamlin.
When did our leaders stop strapping on their armor and riding at the front of the battle, instead of voting yea or nay in a marble hall thousands of miles away? When did our fathers and mothers decide it was perfectly reasonable for our teenagers to fly off to die for us? When did we decide that “collateral damage” was just a necessary reality? “Tsk tsk tsk.”

We applaud stories of the crafty American “Minute Men” of our own “revolution” who picked off the dumbfounded British “lobsterbacks” and then slipped merrily back to the anonymity of their farms. But we scorn the diabolical tactics of guerilla “insurgents” who harass our highly sophisticated “smart” armies. Perhaps drones are the answer, saving our children at the expense of theirs. The horror of war, nightly watched from the safety of the bunker control room, or in the HD TV room where we can fast forward at will. Men come back, but they’re no longer children.

The story of the children of Hameln remains a mystery. What happened 800 years ago in that little part of Eastern Europe? What deals were made? What compromises? What were their priorities and why didn’t anyone keep a record? If we don’t pay attention to history, we’ll repeat it. We’re doing it now.

At Parson’s Nose we’re performing what we think is a funny, outrageous, musical telling of the legend. Kids love it. Parents do too. We hope you’ll come see it.

“So there you have it. It’s a good story isn’t it? The town and the rats and the children. But it’s only a story, ja?” – Gustav the Rat (LD)