They tell the story of young actor John Carradine, who came to Hollywood in awe of Barrymore. He was summoned to the mansion and they discussed interpretations of Shakespeare’s Richard III, his most notorious villain. Carradine went on at some length about his own interpretation, citing “The Method” and “Stanislavski” and Freud. After some time he finished. There was an awkward silence. And then Barrymore, scotch in hand snorted, “Hmm. I just played Lionel.” (his brother, actor Lionel Barrymore) And after watching the clip below of “Jack” as Richard III I think, “By God, that’s what he did! He looks exactly like Lionel.”
Click below for a scene of John Barrymore as Richard III.
GLI ATTORISSIMI – John Barrymore : Riccardo III (Shakespeare)