“The winter seems so cold and dark this year, Mother.” “Is it because you are waiting for the Festival of the Light?”
That was the opening line of “The Festival of the Light” as performed by my sisters Terry and Timmy and I and our friend Garland in the basement theater of Garland’s carriage house in Media, PA when we were in our preteens. We never really got a production on because we lost interest, probably about the time we found out lebkuchen cakes didn’t have any chocolate in them,  but it sums up the”waiting” we’re doing over at Parson’s Nose.

The board decided last Fall that we could go ahead and find our own home for PNP, aided greatly by the incentive of a $100K Challenge Grant from one of our most gracious donors, who asks to remain anonymous. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve loved being partners with the ladies of Lineage Dance, but after 16 years the gypsies deserve a home.  So we’ve been fundraising successfully – you could put us over the top – and looking at every possible venue in Pasadena for about a year.

And now we think we have one that would be superb. All we have to do is wait and pray.  In commercial real estate this is the default posture, apparently. Things take sooooo long to materialize, and then disappear because the old man who owns the space doesn’t want to clean the 45 years of motor oil out of the concrete, or the kids want to lease because Grandpa is 90 and almost electrocuted everyone in the shop last week , but he doesn’t want to retire.

So we have found – fingers crossed – a space. It’s in Old Pasadena. There is parking  nearby. It has great charm and a coffee bar and we can supply the rest. It’s a place where we can build sets that don’t have to be taken down, and have sound and lights we can practice with whenever we want, and where we can rehearse, and  sing, and  have radio nights, and readers theater nights and classic theater nights, and lectures,  if they’re fun, and maybe watch “The Hollow Crown”.

But we have to pass through the rooms of bronze and silver and gold, and they’re guarded by dogs with saucer eyes. So until we guess the right passwords we wait. We wait in hope and faith, and with full hearts of thanks to all of you.