Parson's Nose lemonade
You kids should start a theater podcast!

The Parson’s Nose mission continues with Shakespeare, Moliere, Mark Twain, Hans Andersen, Dickens, Kenneth Grahame…even a medieval Morality play, all coming to you on PNT Radio, now on your favorite podcast source. We’re on Apple, Google, Anchor, Spotify, as well as our new “Parson’s Nose Radio Theater of the Air!” webpage.

We’re used to improv at PNT because we began twenty years ago at the acclaimed Interact Theater in North Hollywood, and quickly became masters of “gypsy” theater – setting up, performing a classic and packing up in under two hours!

The Geffen heard about us and we became their educational performance arm for six years, touring 130 LAUSD Title 1 middle schools with Moliere, Belasco, Shakespeare, comedies and melodramas. The kids loved us.

We played in a circus tent in South Pasadena and the basement of Saint James Church. When the recession hit the classics continued in our Readers’ Theater Series at Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters on Allen, and upstairs at the Pacific Asia Museum. Lineage Performing Arts opened and we had a home for the next seven years. Then, finally, we created our own home, a 40 seat theater, renovating an historic Pasadena landmark chapel a block from City Hall.

As Maggie Ewing, our undaunted board member said when CoVid hit, “We’re nothing if not adaptable!”, and now we’re “on the air”. The actors are mic’d up. We’re recording remotely, and broadcasting nationwide. So pour a lemonade, give us a listen, and share with your friends.

It’s a tough time for small theaters like ours. We’re in the back of the line for reopening and donations, so if you enjoy what we do at PNT and want us to keep going, please put us on your list. And thank you. – Lance Davis