Our Theater Workshops will begin again. Till then, we’ve got a PNT Academy link for new discussions.

Go deeper. Explore plays and characters with us. Looking for a creative or team-building event for your group? Parson’s Nose can bring the theatrical experience to you. Together with Artistic Director Lance Davis you’ll select a play (Twelfth Night, The Odd Couple, Death of a Salesman?) that would be right for your group to read, discuss, and analyze in the comfort of your own surroundings or, when available, on stage at the The Abbey. Events can be tailored to meet any group size or time-restraints. Give us a call! Partners so far have included Pasadena Village, Villa Gardens and Monte Vista Community.


“Hi Lance. Wow! What a great evening!
Thanks for all the work you put into this delightful evening; preparation on all levels including printing the scripts, preparing the music & sound effects (which added so much); your erudition, and deft management of assignment of parts, and diplomatic direction of performance. It’s exciting to see our Villagers respond to the spell you conjure. There were no great performances, but you have to admit that our folks went for it. They loved it, and were enlightened by it. You were the piper and we danced to your tune. Masterful.
Best Regards, Patrick”

Reach us at (626) 403-7667, email us at education@parsonsnose.com, or use our Contact Form.

PNT Youth Academy

Throughout our history, PNT has reached out to youngsters in the community to introduce the magic of theater. “Theater teaches everything sports do – discipline, teamwork, imagination, technique, persistence, achieving a goal – with boys and girls working together as equals. Creating a character demands analysis and creativity, and most importantly empathy. Standing in someone else’s shoes. Theater teaches confidence and clarity in public speaking. More importantly it teaches us how to listen.” – Lance Davis
Pictured: Ms. Quiroz’ Advanced Drama Class at Pasadena High